New manifolds in steel for Valsir radiant systems

Valsir has extended its range of floor radiant systems by adding a new manifold in AISI 304 stainless steel that is supplied completely pre-assembled.


The nominal diameter of the manifold is 1” and the depth is 2 mm. The connections to the circuits are Euroconus G 3/4”x18, there are visual flow regulators (0.5 – 5 l/min) on the supply manifold equipped with “regulation memory”: they can be completely closed for servicing and reopened whereupon they return “automatically” to the previous regulation thus saving time.

The valves on the return have a motor capacity (using thermoelectric heads that are supplied separately) and the manifold is equipped with 1” 1/4 tailpieces and compact air vent and discharge groups with a thermometer. The Valsir manifold in stainless steel is available with 2 to 12 outlets but to further expand the number of available outlets, that is, with 13 or 14 outlets, a new expansion kit is available in steel. This kit, which is also pre-assembled, is composed of two manifolds complete with 1”1/4 nipples and plugs, a supply one with flow regulators and a return one with valves with motor capacity, like the manifold onto it is to be mounted.

The new steel manifold are in addition to those in brass and modified polyamide (PA-M) that are already supplied by Valsir for radiant systems.

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